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Best Sump Pump Alarms: Top 5 for Failure Safety in 2024

Last Updated on May 8, 2023

Don’t get caught off guard in case of a basement sump pump failure. Having an alarm to immediately notify you can mean the difference between your home staying dry and turning it into a swimming pool. Thus, investing in quality sump pump alarms ensures that any threat of flooding will be quickly mitigated.

When choosing the best sump pump alarm, consider the alarm’s loudness, battery backup, and WiFi connectivity. A loud alarm to notify you when the water level reaches a critical level. It should also have a good battery backup to keep the alarm working even during power outages.

Also, a sump pump alarm with Wi-Fi connectivity can notify your smartphone or computer when there is a problem. If you are looking for a reliable sump pump alarm, keep reading to find some of the best available today.

Moen Smart Sump Pump Alarm With Wi-Fi

Guard your home against water damage with Moen’s smart alarm

Number of Batteries: 1 (Included)
Required Battery Type: CR123A
Required Battery Power: 3-volt
Sound Level: 62dB
Wi-Fi Enabled: 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi‎
● 24/7 smart monitoring system

Zircon Water Sensor Alarm for Sump Pump

Prevent costly water damage with the Zircon Sump Alarm

Number of Batteries: 1 (not included)
Required Battery Type: Alkaline
Required Battery Power: 9 Volts
Sound Level: 90dB
Wi-Fi Enabled: No
● Reusable Construction

Honeywell Home Water Leak Alarm for Flooded Basement

Safeguard your home with Honeywell Home innovative leak alarm

Number of Batteries: 1 (not included)
Required Battery Type: Alkaline
Required Battery Power: 9 Volts
Sound Level: 85dB‎
Wi-Fi Enabled: No
● Loud and Clear Alerts

Review of the 5 Best Sump Pump Alarms for Home Protection

A sump pump alarm system is a reliable and innovative technology that provides early warning alerts for mechanical and electrical failure in your sump pump system. With this device, high-pitched alarms and flashing lights will instantly notify you if anything goes wrong with your pump.

The following are some of the top-rated sump pump alarms in the market:

#1 Moen Smart Sump Pump Alarm With Wi-Fi

Moen Smart Sump Pump Alarm With Wi-Fi

Keep your home safe from costly water damage with the innovative Moen smart sump pump alarm. This Wi-Fi-enabled device constantly monitors temperature and humidity levels to guard against frost buildup, mold growth, and other damaging effects.

Smart Alarm with Wi-Fi

Moen smart alarm with Wi-Fi is powered with one CR123A battery which is included, offering two years of long-lasting life. The device requires 3-volt CR123A batteries, which are easily replaceable. The device’s sound level is 62 decibels and requires a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection.

24/7 Monitoring System

This best sump pump alarm with wifi has been designed to offer 24/7 monitoring, measuring the room temperature and humidity levels to prevent frost and mold within your home. Its reliable and constant monitoring protects the home from water damage.

Real-time Notifications via App

Getting notifications directly on your phone when water events occur is vital in preventing water damage within your home. This intelligent device sends real-time notifications to your phone via an app to keep you informed and prepared for the worst.

Whole-Home Protection with Multiple Detectors

Adds more layers of protection by installing multiple Moen innovative sump pump alarms throughout your home. Its compact size makes it easy to install and position in tight spaces, under sinks, drains, near pumps, windows, or attics.

Standalone or Combined with Smart Water Monitor

This alarm can be used as a standalone device or paired with a smart water monitor and shut off for whole-home protection. The extension cable makes it possible to install the alarm in tight spaces.

The combination of these devices offers numerous benefits, including constant monitoring and real-time notifications when water events occur.


  • Long-lasting battery life of up to 2 years
  • 24/7 monitoring of temperature and humidity levels
  • Real-time phone notification system via smart app
  • Compact size for easy installation in tight spaces
  • Can be paired with a smart monitor system


  • The beeping alarm lasts only 10 seconds
  • Does not respond again if left in the water

#2 Zircon Water Sensor Alarm for Sump Pump

Zircon Water Sensor Alarm for Sump Pump

Don’t let water damage leave your home or business soaked in repair costs. The Zircon alarm for the sump pump is an invaluable device that provides audible alerts to keep the house or rental properties safe from the high costs associated with floods and leaks.

Design and Features

The Zircon water sensor alarm for sump pump comes in a contractor pack with eight units, each with a loud 90dB alarm for even the slightest moisture detection.

It can sound the alarm for up to 72 hours in floods or water leak situations, and it is designed to float on the water’s surface, allowing it to detect water leaks immediately.

Easy to Use and Install

This alarm is straightforward to use and install. The battery-powered device has a low battery warning chirp when its 9V alkaline battery needs replacement. It also features two external metal sensing contacts, making installation near potential leak areas easy.

Reusable Construction

The flood sensor alarm from Zircon is reliable, reusable, and affordable. Plus, the device offers low-cost protection for your property against the adverse effects of water damage.

When the water sensor alarm detects water leakage or flooding, it sounds a loud audio alert, allowing you to take prompt action and prevent water damage.

Ideal for Sump Pump Use

This alarm is an excellent device that can provide reliable protection against water damage to your property. It is specially designed for use with sump pumps, a critical component of any home’s or business’s water management system, as it can provide early notification whenever there is an issue.


  • Contractor pack with eight units
  • 72-hour alarm duration in floods or leaks
  • Easy to install with external sensing contacts
  • Provides low-cost protection against water damage
  • Ideal for use with sump pumps for early notification


  • Battery drains much faster than a non-wifi model

#3 Honeywell Home Water Leak Alarm for Flooded Basement

Honeywell Home Water Leak Alarm for Flooded Basement

Protect your home from unwanted water damage with the Honeywell Home leak alarm. This cutting-edge device is an ideal safeguard against potential leaks, providing convenience and peace of mind through its audible alerts.

Features to Note:

  • Number of Batteries: 1 (not included)
  • Required Battery Type: Alkaline
  • Required Battery Power: 9 Volts
  • Sound Level: 85dB‎
  • Wi-Fi Enabled: No
  • Loud and Clear Alerts

Detects Water Early On

One of the key benefits of this water leak alarm is that it is designed to detect water at the earliest possible stage. With the ability to sense water levels as low as 1/16″ deep, this device can quickly and accurately detect water leaks before they become a significant problem.

Loud and Clear Alerts

When the alarm detects water, it will emit a loud and clear alarm sound with an 85dB sound level that can be heard throughout your home. This alarm sound will continue for up to 24 hours (dependent upon battery life), alerting you to potential water leaks as quickly as possible.

Easy to Use

Another significant advantage of the Honeywell Home water leak alarm is its ease of use. This device can be easily placed near water heaters, sump pumps, under sinks, dishwashers, and any other areas where water leaks may occur. And, with its unlimited use spot detector, it can be easily re-set for re-use whenever needed.

Battery Requirements

This alarm requires a single alkaline battery (not included) with a power of 9 Volts. Also, its low battery chirp feature ensures you are alerted when the battery needs to be replaced, ensuring your device is always functioning at peak performance.


  • Early detection of water leaks
  • Water levels can be sensed down to 1/16″
  • Alarm sound continues for up to 24 hours
  • Easy to use and place in various areas
  • Low battery chirp feature for battery replacement alert


  • Isn’t loud enough to hear from a higher place

#4 Liberty Pumps Sump Pump Alarm

Liberty Pumps Sump Pump Alarm

Liberty Pumps alarm could be just what you need to protect your home from flooding or water damage. This dependable alarm will sound off when the water level in your sump basin goes above a certain height.

Features to Note:

  • Number of Batteries: 1 (not included)
  • Required Battery Type: AA
  • Required Battery Power: 9 Volts
  • Sound Level: 86 dB
  • Wi-Fi Enabled: No

Simple Installation and Flexible Application

Liberty’s sump alarm is designed to plug easily into any 115V outlet making it simple to set up and start. At the same time, the alarm is also versatile enough to work with almost any indoor sump pump.

This provides a flexible, easy-to-use solution for any homeowner needing reliable innovative water alarm detector alerts of potential flooding.

High Water Alert with 86 dB Horn

This alarm features an 86 dB horn, providing a loud and ear-catching warning sound when the water level in the basin exceeds the required threshold. You can easily hear the high water alert from a distance, even in a noisy environment, and take immediate action to prevent any serious water damage.

Battery Backup and Low Battery Chirp

The Liberty Pumps sump pump alarm includes a 9-volt battery, enabling the alarm to sound even when the main power is out. This device also has a low battery chirp, alerting you when it’s time to replace the batteries, ensuring you’re never caught by an alarm not working.

Well-Constructed Design

This alarm is built with premium materials, which ensures it is durable and long-lasting. The well-constructed design means you can rely on the pump alarm to last and do its job for years.


  • Loud 86 dB horn for high water alert
  • Battery backup for power outages
  • Low battery chirp to indicate battery replacement
  • Durable and long-lasting design


  • It’s more expensive than similar products

#5 ‎ZOELLER Sump Pump Battery Backup Alarm

ZOELLER Sump Pump Battery Backup Alarm

Stay safe and secure with the ZOELLER battery backup sump pump alarm. This innovative product safeguards your home against power outages while giving you peace of mind that it functions correctly.

Features to Note:

  • Number of Batteries: ‎1 (not included)
  • Required Battery Type: AAA
  • Required Battery Power: ‎4.5 Volts
  • Sound Level: 103 dB
  • Wi-Fi Enabled: No
  • Extremely loud alarm sound

Extremely Loud Alarm System

The alarm system on the ZOELLER alarm is an incredibly high 103 dB, making it a sound you cannot miss. Whether you’re in your house’s basement, middle-level, or upper-level rooms, you will hear it loud and clear, signaling a problem that needs immediate attention.

Easy-to-Use On/Off Switch

This battery power loud alarm is also designed with an easy-to-utilize on/off switch that allows you to control the alarm whenever you need to change the batteries or attend to any issues within the system.

AC Adapter Input Jack

It is also compatible with an AC adapter and has an input jack. This feature ensures the backup alarm’s reliability, especially during extended power outages, where batteries may fail to power the system for a long time.

Water Sensor with 5 ft Lead

The ZOELLER sump pump battery backup alarm has a water sensor with a 5ft lead.

The sensor is attached to a mounting bracket that’s easy to install and provides a secure way to attach the sensor to the sump pump. This design ensures that the alarm system will detect water on the first instance and signal you immediately.


  • High alarm volume of 103 dB
  • Easy-to-use on/off switch
  • AC adapter input jack for reliable backup power
  • Water sensor with 5 ft lead
  • Easy-to-install mounting bracket

Reliable Sump Pump Alarm System: Comparison Chart

ProductNumber of BatteriesRequired Battery TypeRequired Battery PowerSound LevelWi-Fi Enabled
Moen‎920-0041 (included)CR123A3-volt62dB2.4 GHz Wi-Fi‎
Zircon723091 (not included)Alkaline9 Volts90dBNo
Honeywell HomeRWD21/A1 (not included)Alkaline9 Volts85dB‎No
Liberty PumpsALM-2-1‎1 (not included)AA9 Volts86 dBNo
ZOELLER10-0763‎1 (not included)AAA‎4.5 Volts103 dBNo

How to Choose the Best Sump Pump Alarm to Minimize Property Damage?

Sump Pump Alarm to Minimize Property Damage

A sump pump alarm alerts you when your pump is malfunctioning or failing, so you can take action before it’s too late. That is why choosing the best alarm is so important. When purchasing a sump pump alarm, it’s best to look for one that has the following features:

Type of Alarm

When choosing a sump pump alarm, there are two types to consider:

  • Tethered Alarms: These alarms are installed outside the sump basin and are attached to the pump via a sensor probe. The sensor triggers the alarm if the water level rises above a certain point.
  • Submersible Alarms: These are installed inside the sump basin and activated when the level of water reaches a pre-set threshold.

When choosing between these two, consider the accessibility of your sump pump location. A tethered alarm may be more suitable if the pump is easy to reach. But a submersible alarm may be a more convenient option if the pump is challenging to access.

WI-FI Connectivity

A sump alarm with a WI-FI connection offers added convenience and peace of mind. With WI-FI-enabled alarms, you can receive real-time visual and audible alerts on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere, allowing you to respond quickly to any issues.

When choosing a WI-FI-connected sump pump alarm, consider the reliability and strength of your WI-FI signal. A weak signal may cause the alarm to malfunction or fail to send notifications. Additionally, ensure the alarm you choose is compatible with your smartphone’s operating system.

Alarm Sound Level

Sump pump alarm sound level is an essential factor to consider. The goal of an alarm is to alert you to potential issues, so it must be loud enough to be heard throughout your home. The standard sound level for sump pump alarms is around 85dB, comparable to the sound of street traffic.

But remember that excessively loud alarms can be a nuisance and may startle pets or young children in your home. Choose an alarm with an adjustable sound level to customize the volume to your preferences.

Powering Options

The alarm system should have a battery backup to avoid dysfunctional situations when the electricity goes out. A battery backup option ensures that the alarm can still function during a power outage, preventing disastrous water damage situations from happening.

Moreover, battery-operated alarms in some sump pumps have a warning feature indicating when the battery levels are low or require replacement. This feature guarantees the alarm unit is always in good working condition and ready to detect potential flooding issues that could cause property damage.

Multi-Use Functionality

A multi-purpose alarm system with multiple functionalities is an excellent investment to minimize property damage. Look for an alarm system with various sump pumps, including submersible and pedestal models.

Also, a multi-use functionality alarm that can detect high water levels and issues with the pump motor and battery backup can provide early warnings to homeowners and prevent catastrophic damages.

Adjustable Sensitivity

An adjustable sensitivity feature in a sump alarm is essential for avoiding false alarms. Adjustable sensitivity allows homeowners to set the alarm regulator to the appropriate water level. It enables accuracy in detecting floods, leaks, and emergencies, causing the alarm to sound at the right times.

A sump alarm with adjustable sensitivity also helps to extend the life of the alarm’s batteries, making it an eco-friendly alternative.

Can you put an alarm manually on a sump pump?

Can you put an alarm manually on a sump pump

Adding a dedicated alarm to a sump pump without a built-in alarm system is possible. The alarm typically includes a loud sound and/or flashing light triggered when the water level crosses a certain threshold. Some alarms may also include text or email notifications for additional monitoring capabilities.

When selecting a sump pump alarm, ensuring it is compatible with the specific sump pump model is essential. Some alarms are designed to be wired directly to the pump, while others require a separate sensor unit.

How long can a sump pump alarm run constantly?

If the alarm is connected to a backup battery, it can run for up to 72 hours without interruption, assuming it is fully charged. In cases where the alarm is not attached to a backup battery, it will run as long as it has access to a power source.

This may be a standard power outlet, a generator, or another battery backup system for the building. If no backup power source is available, the alarm will stop running as soon as the power goes out.

It is important to note that, in general, a sump alarm should not run indefinitely. If the alarm is triggered due to a malfunctioning pump or leaking liquid, address the issue immediately to prevent further damage or flooding.

Can heavy rain cause the sump pump alarm to go off?

Can heavy rain cause the sump pump alarm to go off

Heavy rain can cause the sump alarm to go off. During heavy rain, a significant amount of water can enter the sump pit, causing it to fill up quickly. The sump pump’s alarm is designed to activate when the water level reaches a certain point, alerting the homeowner that an issue needs to be addressed.

Also, during peak usage, the sump pump may work overtime to keep up with the demand, causing the alarm to go off even when there is no issue. It is also essential to note that excessive rain can cause the sump pump to run more frequently, leading to its eventual wear and tear.

How long does a sump pump alarm last?

Sump pump alarms are designed to last a considerable amount of time, provided they are installed correctly and maintained regularly. Typically, a sump pump alarm’s lifespan is around five years, but this can vary depending on the model, usage frequency, and maintenance.

It is crucial to ensure that the sump alarm has its batteries replaced frequently, at least twice annually, to avoid battery deterioration that could cause a malfunction of the alarm.

Moreover, the alarm’s durability can be affected by several factors, such as power outages, electrical faults, weak batteries, or aging.

So, testing the sump alarm regularly is crucial to ensure it still functions correctly. It is also essential to consider investing in a high-quality sump alarm with a warranty in case of any malfunction or breakdown.

Keep Your Basement Flood-Free: Choose the Proper Sump Pump Alarm

Choose the Proper Sump Pump Alarm

Protecting your home basement from flooding should be a top priority for any homeowner. A superior-quality sump pump is essential in keeping your home dry, but investing in a reliable alarm is just as crucial.

Choosing the right sump pump alarm requires a few essential considerations, such as a loud alarm, an adequate battery backup, and Wi-Fi connectivity for remote monitoring. Many high-quality sump pump alarms are available with unique features.

Although all the sump pump alarms we reviewed above are excellent, Moen smart sump pump alarm With Wi-Fi connectivity is the best out there. With its Wi-Fi-enabled features, you get 24/7 monitoring and real-time notifications to be prepared for water events.

Moen Flo Smart Water Leak Detector, Water Sensor Alarm for Home, 1-Pack, White, 920-004

● Number of Batteries: 1 (Included)
● Required Battery Type: CR123A
● Required Battery Power: 3-volt
● Sound Level: 62dB
● Wi-Fi Enabled: 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi‎
● 24/7 smart monitoring system

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