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Best Generator For Sump Pump: Top 5 in 2024 [Efficiency]

Last Updated on May 17, 2023

Generators supply power to Sump pumps to keep your basement dry and protect your home from flooding. With power outages increasingly on the rise, having a reliable generator for your sump pump is essential.

The best generator for sump pump should feature high watts, good runtime, automatic voltage regulation, overload protection, low oil shutdown, hour meter, fuel gauge, and low noise level. These features help the generators run continuously by powering the pump when the power grid goes down.

Be prepared for the next bout of wet weather with our top picks in generator protection. Keep your home safe from floods and maintain peace of mind knowing you’re ready no matter what mother nature brings.

Westinghouse Dual Fuel Generator

Long-Running, High-Powerd Sump Pump Generator

Output Wattage: 12500 Watts
Voltage: 120 Volts
Weight: 199.6 pounds
Tank Volume: ‎6.6 Gallons
Runtime: ‎12 hours

A-iPower 12000 Watt Portable Generator

240 Volts Supported Powerful Sump Pump Generator

Output Wattage: 12000 watts
Voltage: 240 Volts
Weight: 214 Pounds
Tank Volume: ‎7 Gallons
Runtime: 7 hours

Wen Electric Start Generator

Long Run Time, Light Weight Sump Pump Generator

Output Wattage: 4750 watts
Voltage: 120 Volts
Weight: 112.5 Pounds
Tank Volume: ‎4 Gallons
Runtime: 10 hours

Top 5 Reviews on The Best Generator for Sump Pump

With heavy spring rains, a sump pump can be your home’s saving grace. But you need a quality portable generator to get the best performance out of it. Let’s explore what goes into making an exceptional model of a sump pump generator for optimal protection against potential flooding.

1. Westinghouse Dual Fuel Generator for a Sump Pump

Westinghouse Dual Fuel Generator

The Fuel Generator by Westinghouse is a powerful and reliable energy source for the sump pump. It is a 12,500 watt generator capable of running on propane and gasoline, offering users flexibility and reliability. Its 6.6 gallon tank capacity provides hours of uninterrupted power during power outages.

1. Automatic Start from Battery Backup:

The Westinghouse comes equipped with automatic voltage regulation (AVR) which helps ensure consistent power output even during fluctuating load demand.

This feature eliminates the hassle and effort required when starting a generator manually for backup power for your sump pump. It also provides extra peace of mind that the generator will always be ready when needed in an emergency power outage.

2. Dual Fuel Capabilities for Maximum Efficiency:

With its versatility, the Westinghouse dual fuel generator for a sump pump allows users to decide which fuel offers better value and efficiency. They can take advantage of more economical prices with propane or get higher performance out of gasoline to run the generator for their sump pumps.

3. Amazing Wattage Output with Overload Protection for Safety:

This dual fuel generator’s impressive wattage output ensures that you have plenty of power available for your sump pump when needed most. At 12500 watts of output, it can easily power small appliances up to a large sump pump.

It offers a tank volume of 6.6 gallons capable of running up to 12 hours straight on either propane or gasoline fuel sources. The WGen12500DF is designed to provide superior protection and reassurance that your sump pump works during a power outage.

4. Low Oil Shutdown for Peace of Mind:

Equipped with an integrated low oil shutdown feature, this powerful portable generator will automatically shut off if it detects insufficient oil in its reservoir. It protects itself and your valuable sump pump in case you forget to check its oil levels regularly, as its user manual recommends.

5. Ease Of Use With Hour Meter Feature:

Enjoy the convenience and reliability of Westinghouse’s hour meter feature. This removes the hassle of manually tracking total running hours for a sump pump. It allows you to focus on whatever task is at hand without worries.

Positive Points:

  • Runs on gasoline or propane
  • 12,500 watts peak power
  • 8,500 running watts
  • Remote start with a key fob
  • Digital hour meter
  • Portable and easy to set up
  • EPA and CARB compliant for safety

Negative Points:

  • With a right angle wire, it’s hard to plug in a 50 amp outlet
  • The manual does not guide piping bulk LP tank

2. Wen Electric Start Generator

Wen Electric Start Generator

This reliable and powerful electric start generator from Wen provides an ideal backup solution for homeowners looking to power a sump pump during a power outage. With dual-fuel capability, good output rate when driving yard gear, and ease of setup and use, this indispensable device has all you need for reliable results.

1: Good Performance With 12500 Watts

This generator is extremely effective during power outages or other emergency situations due to its high wattage output (12500 watts) and good power level. It can easily power various appliances such as refrigerators or even a MIG welder at 110v if necessary.

Its performance is reliable no matter what applications are being powered by it. This generator is also perfect for use in food trucks since it doesn’t take up too much space but still offers plenty of wattage output when needed.

2: 10 Hours of Constant Power with a 6.6 Gallon Tank

Combined with its 6.6 gallon tank volume and 10 hour runtime on a single tank fill-up. So you can rest assured knowing you’ll have plenty of power at your disposal when needed without having to worry about constantly refilling your tank.

3: Low Noise Levels & Easy Push Button Starting

Its low noise levels when compared to other sump pump generators on the market. This makes quiet residential areas or suburban neighborhoods where loud noises are not appreciated. This generator comes with a convenient push button start system that makes it easy to get up and running quickly.

4: Easier Storage & Maneuverability

This sump pump generator also comes with an optional wheel kit that makes it easy to transport around when needed or store away when not in use. The wheel kit helps make maneuvering much easier than if you were trying to lift or drag the unit around manually.

Its electric start works immediately every time, so there’s no longer a need to deal with traditional pull cords. Just press the button and you’re ready to go.

Positive Points:

  • CARB & EPAIII compliant
  • 4750 Watt Generator
  • Two 120V receptacle
  • Keyless electric start
  • 4750 watts of peak power
  • 3750 watts of rated power
  • 4-gallon tank with
  • Up to 10 hours of runtime at half load
  • Automatic voltage regulator
  • Low-oil shutdown and overload protection

Negative Points:

  • Fuel tank caps are hard to remove with arthritis
  • There’s no 240 volt output

3. A-iPower 12000 Watt Portable Generator for a sump pump

A-iPower 12000 Watt Portable Generator for a sump pump

A-iPower portable generator is an efficient and reliable power source for powering sump pumps in times of emergency. This dual fuel generator offers the convenience of gas and electric fuel sources and can run for up to seven hours off a single gas tank.

1: Maximum Power Output

The A-iPower generator has a maximum output wattage of 12,000 watts, allowing it to power multiple appliances simultaneously. This means it can easily handle essential items such as furnaces, water heaters, lights, refrigerators, freezers, and more.

2: Dual Fuel Sources For Maximum Efficiency

This portable generator is designed to be powered by either electric or gas sources, depending on the user’s preference. The dual fuel sources offer maximum efficiency while allowing users the convenience of switching between fuels without stopping the unit from running to do so.

This generator runs smoothly with ethanol-free 91 octane fuel and requires minimal preparation before using it.

3: Reliable Performance During Long Power Outages

The A-iPower 12000 watt portable generator for a sump pump is incredibly reliable during long power outages caused by natural disasters like hurricanes. With its powerful output and maximum runtime of 7 hours per gas tank, users can count on this unit to stay running regardless of circumstances or duration.

Plus, this generator can alternate between HVAC units should the need arise to continue providing essential power with ease.

4: Easy Start-Up And Operation

This portable generator is designed with user friendly features such as easy start-up and switch over capabilities that make operating it stress free. You won’t have to worry about complicated settings or difficult adjustments when trying to get your unit up and running again after a long period without use.

You simply need to fill the 7 gallon tank with octane fuel. Then, turn the unit on for quick operation that will last up to 7 hours before needing to be refueled again.

Positive Points:

  • Generate up to 12,000 watts of power
  • Run on gasoline or propane for versatility
  • Low oil shutdown protects the engine
  • 7 gallon fuel tank provides long run times
  • Wheel kit and handle make transportation easy
  • Easily start your generator with the electric start capability
  • Stay safe with outlets covered in rubber for extra protection

Negative Points:

  • The noise level is loud
  • Required starting fluid to start up in very cold weather

4. DuroMax 4400 Watt Generator

DuroMax 4400 Watt Generator

A lightweight, electric start generator designed for maximum power and reliability in any situation. With an output of 4400 watts, this versatile generator is perfect for powering sump pumps and other essential appliances during power outages.

Equipped with a tank capacity of 3.96 gallons, this efficient and durable generator covers you even when the lights go out.

1. Unmatched Power Output:

With a jaw-dropping output of 4400 watts, the DuroMax generator keeps your sump pump running and your basement safe and secure from flooding in any emergency. You will experience ultimate peace of mind knowing that when the power goes out, you’re covered by one sleek piece of equipment.

2. Durable Construction:

This powerful generator is equipped with all-metal construction for added durability and longevity. It allows it to withstand all weather conditions without damage or deterioration over time.

The unit features an easy assembly of wheels and handles, making transportation a breeze. So no need to worry about lugging around heavy equipment when setting up or switching locations.

3. 4-Gallon Tank:

With its impressive 4-gallon tank, this machine powerhouse is the ultimate backup for sump pump failure. It can provide coverage for up to 8 hours on just one fill.

4. Versatile with Easy To Use Design:

The electric start feature makes operating the generator much simpler than ever before. Getting it set up and ready to use won’t take more than minutes, regardless of experience level or availability of tools.

Along with sump pumps, the DuroMax can easily handle multiple appliances such as refrigerators, AC units, and even cabin power. It provides 240 volts of electricity when needed in remote locations with limited or unavailable access.

Positive Points:

  • Heavy duty construction
  • EPA approved and CARB compliant
  • RV compatible sump pump
  • Allows you to use the generator at 120 or 240 volts
  • Low oil shutoff protects your investment
  • 4,400 watt max output

Negative Points:

  • Wheels may develop flat spots over time
  • Noise level may be an issue for some users

5. Generac 8000 Portable Generator

Generac 8000 Portable Generator

When reliability and performance matter, this portable generator has got you covered. Featuring electric start capabilities for easy kick-off and a low-oil shutdown safety feature to protect against potential damage. An advanced CO2 detector ensures it keeps your sump pump running like clockwork.

1: Advanced Features For Reliable Power 

The Generac 8000 portable generator is designed with modern engineering and plenty of safety features to ensure your sump pump won’t be left in the dark during a power outage. This reliable generator has an electric start with a battery, low-oil shutdown to protect the engine and an advanced CO2 detector for safety.

2: Portable Design with Wheels and Handle 

The design of this portable generator allows for easy transportation due to its wheeled base and handle. This makes the generator ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It runs on gas, making it possible to take it to remote locations without electricity.

3: Quiet Operation 

It offers quiet operation even when used, making it ideal for residential and commercial applications where noise levels are important considerations. This means that using the generator won’t disturb neighbors or other nearby businesses while still providing ample power output without fail.

4: Easy Start With Emergency Pull Start 

Generac has included an emergency pull start in emergency situations where electricity isn’t available immediately. Starting up the unit is easier with the ignition switch located at the front of the unit and waiting for it to fire up within seconds.

5: Fuel Type Electric 

The Generac 8000 is powered by an electric source, making recharging easier than ever. Its tank holds up to 1.7 gallons of fuel, providing a runtime of 11 hours before needing a refill.

Positive Points:

  • Deliver over 30% more starting capacity
  • Features power Rush advanced technology
  • 10000 starting watts & 8000 running watts
  • Electric start Model for easy operation
  • Portable design for easy transport
  • Automatic voltage regulation
  • Hour meter tracks generator usage

Negative Points:

  • May be louder for some users
  • CO2 sensor lacks an on/off switch

Comparison Chart of the Sump Pump Backup Generators:

Product NameHorsepowerVoltageTank VolumeWeight
Westinghouse Dual Fuel Generator16.76120 Volts6.6 Gallons199.6 pounds
Wen Electric Start Generator6.40120 Volts‎4 Gallons112.5 Pounds
A-iPower Portable Generator16.10240 Volts7 Gallons214 Pounds
DuroMax Generator5.90120 Volts‎3.96 Gallons127 Pounds
Generac Portable Generator10.72120 Volts1.7 Gallons214 Pounds
Pulsar G12kbn Generator16.10120/240 Volts‎8 Gallons209 pounds

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Backup Generator for Sump Pump

recommended generators

It’s essential to weigh all the important features when selecting a generator for sump pump applications. We’ll guide you through wattage, fuel type, voltage, runtime, tank volume, and more to inform your decision.

1: Wattage

Wattage is one of the most important features to consider when selecting the best generator for a sump pump. The wattage should be sufficient to power your pump and any other appliances you want to run simultaneously.

A good rule of thumb is to get a generator with a wattage rating at least double the running watts of your sump pump and any other devices you plan on using.

Extra wattage in reserve is also recommended so you don’t risk overloading the generator. More wattage is better as it will give you more peace of mind and flexibility when powering multiple devices.

2: Fuel Type

The next feature of standby generators to think about is fuel type. Different sump pump generators are powered by different types of fuel, such as gasoline, diesel, propane, or natural gas. Depending on your needs and access to these fuels, you will want to select the most appropriate type for your generator.

Gasoline-powered small generators are the cheapest option but can be noisy and difficult to start in cold weather. Propane and natural gas offer convenience since they don’t need refueling all the time. But they require an outside connection for operation, so they may not always suit every situation.

Diesel engines are preferred if the generator is used outdoors because they are more powerful and long-lasting than gasoline engines. Diesel-powered portable generators are popular due to their reliability and longevity but can be expensive compared with other types.

3: Tank Volume

When selecting the best generators for sump pumps, the tank volume is an important factor to consider. A larger capacity tank will provide more fuel storage and extended operating time before refueling is necessary.

Additionally, a larger tank size will help reduce the frequency of starting and stopping the engine for refueling. Typically, the tank should be large enough to last at least 8 hours of continuous power operation.

4: Voltage and Automatic Voltage Regulation

generators run

Many sump pumps require a particular voltage setting to work properly, so adjusting your generator’s voltage settings is essential.

You can look for a unit with multiple voltage settings (120V or 240V) or even an auto voltage regulator. With this, you can easily adjust the power output according to what your sump pump needs without manually changing anything each time you use it.

Adjustable voltage settings also allow you to safely use low-voltage items like cell phones or laptops without damaging them. Mismatching voltages between the device and the power source cause over-voltage errors.

5: Runtime and Low Oil Sensors

When selecting the best portable generators for running sump pumps, consider models with extended operating times. Due to their higher fuel tank capacity and efficient engines, these sump pump generators can run for up to 12 hours on one full fuel tank, depending on load levels and application requirements.

Look for features such as low oil sensors, which can alert users when the level gets too low so they can add more before any permanent damage occurs; this helps keep downtime due to maintenance at a minimum while maintaining optimal performance over time.

6: Hour Meter

You should look for one equipped with an hour meter when shopping for the best portable generator for a sump pump. This feature can help track how long the generator has run, allowing users to monitor usage and maintenance schedules.

An hour meter can also estimate fuel consumption and alert users when replacing parts. This feature can provide information about the generator’s operating efficiency, helping buyers decide which model is right for their needs.

7: Weight of the Generator

The best small generator for a sump pump should be lightweight and easy to transport. Ideally, it should weigh no more than 250 pounds so that one person can easily move around it.

It should also have a durable construction and be constructed from a high quality material such as aluminum, stainless steel, or reinforced plastic. The generator should have adjustable handles and wheels for easy maneuverability.

8: Engine Type:

Engine Type

The engine is essential when choosing the best portable generator for a sump pump. A four-stroke engine runs cleaner, quieter, and more efficiently than a two-stroke engine.

It also requires less maintenance in terms of oil changes since it only needs oil added once every few hundred hours of use. Moreover, four-stroke engines are usually quieter than two-stroke models, making them better suited for residential areas where sound levels could be an issue.

9: Fuel Gauge

The best generator for running a sump pump should also have a fuel gauge. This feature allows users to easily check the fuel remaining in their tank, ensuring they have enough power to complete their job before needing a refill.

A fuel gauge may also include additional features, such as a warning light or alarm when fuel levels are low. It offers greater peace of mind while working with the backup generator.

10: Remote Start

Some portable generators designed for sump pumps may also offer remote start capabilities. This feature allows users to start up their generator from a distance using a wireless controller, eliminating the need to start it every time it needs to be used manually.

Additionally, some models allow remote monitoring of key parameters such as voltage output and fuel levels, enabling customers to keep tabs on their equipment without needing direct access to it at all times.

11: CO Sensor

Carbon monoxide (CO) sensors can be essential safety features on any portable generator for sump pumps, including those intended for sump pumps.

They detect increased levels of CO and notify users when it reaches unhealthy levels through either audible or visual alarms. This helps ensure proper ventilation and prevent poisoning from accumulated fumes near the work area or indoors.

How many watts do you need to run a sump pump?

How many watts do you need to run a sump pump

The wattage required to run a sump pump depends on the sump pump’s size, in terms of horsepower (HP). For example, a 1/2 HP sump pump typically requires 800 watts to run and 1200 watts of surge power to start.

Generally speaking, using an inverter with at least 2 times the rated wattage of your sump pump when running and 3 times when starting is recommended. The additional wattage ensures that the proper voltage is maintained for optimal performance.

Do you need a generator for your sump pump?

Whether or not you need a generator for your sump pump depends on various factors, such as your location and whether or not you are prone to power outages or basement flooding.

A standby generator connected to your sump pump can be beneficial in areas where power outages are expected. It will provide continuous operation even during an outage. Knowing that your basement will remain dry if flooding occurs also provides comfort.

Will a 400 watt inverter run a sump pump?

400 watt inverter generators are generally sufficient to run most 1/3 HP or 1/4 HP sump pumps. However, if you have one with higher horsepower than this, it would not be enough capacity.

It is always recommended that you use an inverter with at least 2x capacity more than the sump pump’s rated wattage when running and three times greater when starting to ensure proper voltage and maximum performance from the device.

How long will a 2000 watt generator run on a full tank of gas?

How long will a 2000 watt generator run on a full tank of gas

To determine its running time on a full tank of gas, you need first to consider the size of the fuel tank. Generally speaking, a 1-gallon fuel tank can support 6-8 hours of continuous operation at half load for a standard 2000 watt generator.

However, results may vary based on the specific model and use of the standby generator. It is always recommended to check the manufacturer’s specifications for exact power output and run time information before purchasing or using your generator.

How many watts does it take to start a 1 hp sump pump?

Starting an electric motor such as a 1 HP sump pump requires significantly more power than running it continuously, typically 1200 watts or more. This is due to the increased load when starting an electric motor compared to keeping it running steadily.

It is important to check the manufacturer’s specifications to determine the exact wattage requirements for starting your particular sump pump model. Requirements can vary between different models and manufacturers.

Protect Your Home From Flooding with a Reliable Sump Pump Generator

Using a reliable generator for a sump pump is essential in keeping your basement dry and protecting your home from flooding during power outages or other disasters. Knowing which features to look out for, including electric start capabilities and overload protection, will help you decide on the right one.

We hope you understand what features to look out for that can keep your sump pump running without interruption during power outages. Now get yourself a reliable sump pump generator so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your basement is safe from flooding no matter what happens.

Westinghouse generators offer the ultimate reliable and powerful solution for sump pumps, with features such as high power, electric start, automatic voltage regulation, overload protection, and low oil shutdown.

Plus, with an hour meter, fuel gauge remote start, and whisper-quiet noise levels, you can rest assured that your powerful portable generator is in capable hands.

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 12500 Peak Watt Dual Fuel Home Backup Portable Generator

● Wattage: 12500 watts
● Fuel Type: Electric
● Power Source: Gas Powered
● Voltage: 120 Volts
● Engine Type: 4 Stroke
● Tank Volume: ‎6.6 Gallons
● Runtime: ‎12 hours
● Frequency: ‎60 Hz

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