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Best Check Valves for Sump Pumps: Top 5 for Drainage in 2024

Last Updated on May 7, 2023

A sump pump plays a vital role in the operation of a home’s drainage system. When it rains, the water collects in the lowest part of the yard and flows into a storm drain or a sump pump. It then pumps the water out of the house and away from the foundation.

When the pump is off, water comes into the sump pit. You need to use the best check valves for sump pumps that prevent fluid from flowing back. Sump pumps have a check valve that restricts the flow in only one direction.

Here we share a wide selection of top sump pump check valves from some of the well-known brands in the industry.

PumpSpy Silent Sump Pump Check Valve

● Clear valve body
● Spring-loaded flapper
● Quiet check valve
● Prevents costly damage
● Fits within a 5-1/8″ gap

Fernco ProCheck Quiet Check Valve for Sump Pump

● Vibration Resistant
● Quiet internal valve
● Ends noisy water hammer
● Clear valve body
● Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

Legend Valve Sump Pump Swing Check Valve

● Stainless steel material
● 1-1/4” – 1-1/2” size
● 25 PSI @ 130 Deg F
● Metal color
● 11.2 ounces weight

Does a Submersible Pump Need a Check Valve?

pvc and plastic body valve

The submersible pump transfers water horizontally through a pipeline or from a lower level to a higher level. A valve is essential for any sump pump system, helping to prevent backflow and ensuring that the pump continues to operate efficiently.

Without a check valve, the submersible pump would not be able to maintain a consistent flow of water. It helps to protect the pump from damage and to cause damage to the internal components.

Is It Ok to Have 2 Check Valves on a Sump Pump?

Installing two check valves in parallel on a sump pump can help to protect against a stuck-closed scenario. In this scenario, one check valve could become stuck in the closed position, preventing the sump pump from draining the pit.

With a second check valve in place, the other valve could open and allow water flow. This would allow the sump pump to continue operating and prevent flooding.

Top 5 Recommended Best Check Valves for Sump Pumps

valve closing mechanisms

A check valve is an integral part of any sump pump system, but there are many different types on the market. So a wrong selection can cost you a lot. That is why we have selected the top 5 quiet sump pump check valves, which are as follows.

1) PumpSpy Silent Sump Pump Check Valve

PumpSpy Silent Sump Pump Check Valve

The check valve by PumpSpy fits into the discharge pipe of your sump pump. You can see whether there is water in the valve thanks to its clear body. The stainless steel clamps guarantee a secure connection.

With Buna-N rubber couplings, the 1-1/2″ pipe fitting will fit most sump pump discharge pipes. The 5-1/8″ gap width allows the valve to be installed in most existing sump pump systems.

How Can This Product Help You?

This check valve is an essential component of any sump pump system. It will prevent water from flowing back into your sump pit and help reduce noise by absorbing sound vibrations.

The one-way flapper valve also helps to fix the water hammer, a common problem in sump pump systems. It makes for a much quieter operation because it prevents water backflow, thus eliminating the accompanying sound.

PumpSpy silent sump pump check valve is straightforward to install, thanks to its rubber connectors. It will protect your sump pump from costly damage by preventing water from entering the pump chamber. You will save money in the long run because it extends the life of your sump pump.


  • Easy to install in about 5 minutes
  • Prevents costly damage
  • Stops the backflow
  • Fixes water hammer
  • Works great in a lake setting


  • Initially, it is noisy but then quiet

2) Fernco ProCheck Quiet Check Valve for Sump Pump

Fernco ProCheck Quiet Check Valve for Sump Pump

Fernco brings a ProCheck quiet check valve designed to be vibration resistant and to end noisy water hammer. The clear valve body is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and fits 1-1/2” pipe.

With stainless shielded couplings, this unit is durable and reliable. This quiet sump pump check valve is an excellent upgrade to any home that is prone to flooding or has a history of water damage.

It is easy to install and requires no maintenance. This valve will help to keep your basement dry and free of water damage.

How Can This Product Help You?

The Fernco ProCheck quiet check valve for the sump pump is a simple and effective way to prevent clogs and ensure smooth operation for your pump. After pumping, this valve creates a positive shut-off.

It resists pipe vibration and movement while securely locking the pipe into the coupling. This valve is quieter than the original plastic valve and will not make clunking noises. It can also control pump water pressure, which makes it ideal for sump pumps.

This valve has steel plates which are also better than rubber ones and provide a stronger seal. It is a reliable and durable valve that can be installed either vertically or horizontally. PVC cement is not required for installation, making it a quick and easy way to upgrade your sump pump.


  • No clunking noise when working
  • Creates positive shut-off
  • Provides clog-free operation
  • No PVC cement is required
  • Installation can be vertical or horizontal


  • Need a hex driver for hex head screws
  • A little hard to install for having steel plates

3) Legend Valve Sump Pump Swing Check Valve

Legend Valve Sump Pump Swing Check Valve

To regulate your water pressure, Legend offers a swing check valve. Its stainless steel material will stand up against wear and tear while also keeping you safe during the watering season.

It comes in two sizes, 1-1/4” – 1-1/2”. They are suitable if both 1-inch pipes are available and many other applications around the house or business site. The valve has a pressure rating of 25 PSI @ 130° F and is metal-colored. It weighs 11.2 ounces.

How Can This Product Help You?

The Legend Valve sump pump swing check valve is a high-quality valve made from durable materials. You can use it with laundry tub pumps and it prevents drain back-ups.

It is designed to stop leaking water from the sump pump swing check valve. You can install pipes without cutting any pipes. 

Once installed, the valve will ensure that water only flows in one direction. It prevents the hammering noise that can often occur when water is forced to change directions.


  • No drain back
  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Stops water hammer bang
  • Seals well and doesn’t leak
  • Made of high-quality materials


  • Check valve slightly shorter than original

4) ‎Star PVC Check Valve for Sump Pump

Star PVC Check Valve for Sump Pump

The PVC Check Valve by Star is a great addition to any sump pump. It is made of durable ABS plastic and weighs only 3.84 ounces. This valve prevents backflow and can also be used as an outlet valve.

It is a slip coupling that fits 1.25″ flex pipe and 1-1/2″ PVC pipe. This valve is strong and can withstand high water pressure and heavy use. It is also fitted with a discharge hose, making it easy to use.

How Can This Product Help You?

A Star PVC check valve for sump pumps allows water to flow only in one direction. It prevents backflow and ensures the water is pumped out of the basin in a continuous, uninterrupted flow.

This PVC check valve features a simple design that makes it easy to install. It is also made of durable plastic material that can withstand constant exposure to water.

Installation is easy and does not require any tools. Simply remove the existing check valve from the sump pump and replace it with the Star PVC Check Valve.


  • Made of durable plastic material
  • Allows water to flow in one direction only
  • Easy to install and prevents backflow
  • Prevents water hammering


  • May not be compatible with all sump pump models

5) Fernco 1-1/4 Check Valve for Sump Pump

Fernco 1-14 Check Valve for Sump Pump

With Fernco’s check valve, sewage and other wastewater are efficiently prevented from flowing back into the house. This valve features a positive-sealing flapper design that is made from durable thermoplastic.

Due to its dual-function design, it fits both 1-1/2″ and 1-1/4″ pump and drain lines. The check valve weight is only 0.01 ounces, making it one of the lightest options on the market.

How Can This Product Help You?

Fernco 1-1/4 check valve for the sump pump features a design to help prevent backflow in your sump pump system. The valve is installed inline between the sump pump and the discharge pipe.

It features a flap that closes when the pump is not in operation. You can avoid water returning to the sump pit, which could damage the pump.

The valve is made of durable Thermoplastic for better performance. Its thermoplastic material resists corrosion and will not rust or degrade over time. With a Fernco check valve installed, you can rest assured that your sump pump system will be protected against backflow.


  • Helps prevent backflow
  • Made of durable Thermoplastic
  • Won’t rust or degrade over time
  • Fits both 1.5″ and 1.25″ drain pipes
  • Fast and easy installation


  • Improper installation causes leaks

Buying Guide on the Best Check Valve for a Sump Pump

most sump pumps

When you go to buy a new valve for your sump pump, you must consider some factors. The wrong valve will not only cause inefficiency but also physical harm to your sump pump. Here are some factors that you need to consider while buying a sump pump valve:

Discharge Size:

If the check valve size is too small, it will not be able to handle the flow of water. And if it is too big, it will create a lot of resistance and reduce the efficiency of the sump pump.

Most of the check valves are of a 1.5-inch size and are suitable for most residential sump systems. Some are 1.25 inches and 2 inches. A 1-1/4 inch discharge size is sufficient for most applications, such as draining a small aquarium or removing water from a clogged sink.

A larger discharge size may be necessary if the sump pump is used to remove large amounts of water, such as from a flooding basement. For the right pump size, check the owner’s manual.


Check valves are made of materials like PVC, ABS, and stainless steel. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

PVC is the most common material used for check valves due to its low cost and durability. It is not as strong as other materials and can be damaged by chemicals. ABS is more durable than PVC and can withstand higher temperatures, but it is also more expensive.

Stainless steel is the strongest material, but it is also the heaviest. The type of material used for a sump check valve should be selected based on the application’s specific needs.


There are different types of check valves, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. So you need to select the type according to your needs. The most common types are spring-loaded check valves and swing check valves.

Spring Loaded Check Valve:

A Spring-loaded check valve for a sump pump is a type of valve that opens when water flows in a certain direction and closes when the flow is reversed. It consists of two main parts: a spring-loaded plunger and a check valve seat.

The plunger is connected to the valve seat with a hinge, and the spring is located between the plunger and the valve seat. When fluid flows in the direction of the arrow, the plunger is forced open, and water can pass through the valve.

Swing Check Valve:

Swing check valves are often used in pipelines to prevent backflow. They can be found in various industries, from plumbing to automotive manufacturing.

The sump check valve consists of a disk attached to a hinge. Water flows from the valve’s inlet port to its outlet port, causing the disk to swing open. When water tries to flow in the reverse direction, the disk swings shut, preventing backflow.

Installing the valve is relatively simple, but it is important to follow all instructions carefully. Once installed, swing check valves require very little maintenance. In most cases, it is sufficient to inspect the valve regularly to ensure it is functioning properly.

Noise Control:

Water hammering is a knocking or banging noise that occurs when water flowing through a pipe is suddenly forced to stop. It can damage pipes and fittings and is caused by the sudden change in the velocity of the water. 

So it is essential to buy a silent check valve which reduces water hammering and won’t make any noise. The soft-seal seat is designed to reduce the impact of water hammering by gradually slowing down the water as it flows through the valve.

PSI and Temperature:

Most check valves have a PSI (pounds per square inch) rating that indicates how much pressure the valve can withstand before leaks. The best sump pump valve can handle the temperature of the water it will be exposed to.

A valve that has a higher PSI rating can withstand higher water pressure better. When a rating is low, water leaks can occur, causing property damage and water waste.

Can a Sump Pump Check Valve be Installed Horizontally?

powerful pump systems

Yes, you can install sump pump valves horizontally. This is usually necessary when pumping out solid or semi-solids. It must be installed up to a 45-degree angle to prevent backflow.

The horizontal installation is often used when the pump is mounted on the floor or when space is limited. During cold weather climates, this type of installation can also help avoid freeze-up problems.

When installing a silent check valve horizontally, ensure that the arrow on the body of the valve is pointing in the direction of the flow. If the arrow points in the wrong direction, the valve will not work properly and could cause serious damage to your sump pump.

Does a Check Valve Need to be Installed Vertically?

A check valve can be mounted vertically, but some critical points must be taken into account. The disc or flap must be able to open and close freely without binding. It must be properly aligned with the flow of fluid. If not, it will not close properly, and fluid will leak through.

These check valves must be installed with vertical sump pumps so that water can flow freely around them. If there are any obstructions, the check valve won’t work.

How far above the Sump Pump Should the Check Valve be Installed?

How far above the Sump Pump Should the Check Valve be Installed

Most plumbing experts recommend that the check valve be installed between two to three feet above the sump pit. This will help to ensure that water flows through the valve and does not back up into the pit. 

The sump pump motor will only have to work as hard as if the check valve is set lower. It easily opens and closes to allow water to flow through it.

Why is My Sump Pump Check Valve so Loud?

Some homeowners find that their check valves are very loud. There are a few reasons why this may be the case.

When the check valve closes, it creates a back pressure that can cause a loud banging sound. The check valve is located at the discharge point of the sump pump, so any water forced back through the valve will also create noise, but this is normal.

What Happens When a Sump Pump Check Valve Fails?

What Happens When a Sump Pump Check Valve Fails

If the check valve fails, water will flow back into the pit, reducing the amount of water removed per cycle. It can lead to an increased frequency of cycles, shorten the lifespan of your pump, and increase your energy bills.

The check valve may also become jammed, preventing the sump pump from functioning properly. In some cases, a failed check valve can cause flooding if enough water builds up in the pit. If your check valve isn’t functioning properly, replace it to prevent these problems.

How often Should You Replace a Sump Pump Check Valve?

Most plastic and metal check valves last for five to seven years. Their longevity depends on water conditions, material quality, and frequency of use.

If you live in an area with hard water, your check valve may not last as long because minerals can build up and cause corrosion. You may need to replace your check valve more often if you use your sump pump frequently.

So pick the best check valves for sump pumps from our list and use them for a long time. Always inspect your check valve annually and clean it if necessary to prolong its life.

PumpSpy Silent Sump Pump Check Valve – 1-1/2″ with Buna-N Couplings, Model CV-150, Spring-Loaded Flapper, Quiet Check Valve

● Clear valve body
● Spring-loaded flapper
● Quiet check valve
● Prevents costly damage
● Fits within a 5-1/8″ gap

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