Why Is My Toilet On a Raised Platform

Why is My Toilet On a Raised Platform : 7 Major Reasons

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Toilets are available in different designs and styles, such as floor-mounted or raised platforms; some people favor the former. While a raised platform can give your bathroom a more updated look, it’s essential to be aware of the potential problems that can occur.

It can be more challenging to clean around the base of the toilet. If the platform is not correctly installed, it can become unstable, leading to the toilet tipping over. Also, raising the platform too high could make it difficult for young children or those with limited mobility to go to the bathroom.

You may be wondering why is my toilet on a raised platform and what the purpose of this design is. There are a few reasons for this, including making it easier to clean and providing more stability. After knowing the advantages and disadvantages, you can decide if a raised platform toilet is the right choice for your bathroom. Read on to learn more.

Why Is My Toilet On A Raised Platform : Reasons

The Reasons Why Is My Toilet On A Raised Platform

When most people think of toilets, they picture a porcelain bowl sitting atop a raised platform. This design is quite functional and can give the toilet a more stylish look. But more importantly, raised platform toilets can offer some practical benefits. Here we’ll explore a few of those.

1. Easy to Clean:

The most significant advantage is that it is much easier to clean. With a standard toilet, you have to crouch down low to reach all the nooks and crannies. This can be difficult for people with limited mobility.

With a raised platform toilet, however, you can simply wipe down the entire surface with a cloth or brush. This makes it much quicker and easier to keep your bathroom clean.

In addition, it is less likely to become clogged than a standard toilet, as there is less surface area for waste to build upon. Thus, you can enjoy a cleaner and more efficient bathroom when you install a raised platform toilet.

2. More Stability:

Due to the increased surface area that a toilet has to sit on when it has a raised platform, it is more stable overall. With a larger footprint, there is less of a chance that the toilet will tip over or rock back and forth.

As well as this, the weight of the toilet is more evenly distributed, which further increases stability. As a result, toilets on raised platforms are less likely to experience leaks or other problems caused by instability.

3. Updated Look:

They provide a more modern look that can complement the style of your bathroom. Also, they are easier to clean than traditional toilets, as there is no bowl for grout and grime to build up in.

Further, raised platform toilets are easier for people with mobility impairments as they do not require lifting themselves from a sitting position. This tend to be more comfortable because they allow for a more natural posture when using the toilet. 

Whether you are looking for a more modern look for your bathroom or simply want a toilet that is easier to use and maintain, a raised platform toilet may be the right choice.

4. Greater Height:

It is important to note that the increased height can be beneficial for many reasons. For taller individuals, it can provide a more comfortable experience. It can also make it easier for those with mobility issues to use the toilet independently.

As well as reducing splashback, the higher height makes cleaning easier. A raised platform toilet can be more comfortable for those who have difficulty bending down or are taller. You will not have to strain your back or legs while sitting down or standing up because of the increased height.

5. Better Airflow:

Improved airflow is one of the most critical factors. By elevating the toilet seat, a raised platform toilet allows air to circulate more freely around the bowl. This helps to reduce odors and keep the toilet area cleaner.

Meanwhile, better airflow can help to prevent clogs by keeping the bowl dry and avoiding the build-up of waste material. As a result, raised platforms are a more hygienic and efficient option for any bathroom.

Disadvantages of a Raised Platform Toilet

The Disadvantages of a Raised Platform Toilet

Different people have different preferences when it comes to toilets. While some prefer the traditional look of a floor-mounted toilet, others might prefer the more updated look of the raised platform toilet. 

But before making a decision, it is essential to know about the potential problems associated with raised platform toilets. Here are some of the disadvantages of raised platform toilets:

1. They can be More Expensive:

Though they may provide several benefits, raised platform toilets can also be more expensive than traditional toilets. This is because they typically require more materials and labor to construct. 

To make matters worse, raised platform toilets may need to be custom-built to fit your bathroom, which can further drive up costs. If you are on a budget, a traditional toilet might be a better option.

2. They can be Slippery:

Toilets with raised platforms can also be slippery, posing a safety hazard. This is because many raised platforms are made of smooth materials that can be difficult to grip. In addition, the elevated height of the platform may make it difficult to reach the ground if you slip and fall.

Therefore, you may want to use caution when using a raised platform toilet, and you might consider installing grab bars or non-slip mats in your bathroom.

3. They might Not Fit your Bathroom:

Another potential downside to raised platform toilets is that they might not fit in your bathroom. This is because they are more significant than traditional toilets and require more space. The surface of the platform can be hard to reach, making it difficult to remove grout and grime. 

Also, the height might hinder reaching the bowl, preventing you from cleaning the toilet properly. Lastly, raised platform toilets can be unstable and may tip over if not securely attached to the floor.

Therefore, raised platform toilets are not a good option for your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, it is better to choose a more classic toilet. But if you have a large bathroom, raised platforms to add a touch of luxury.

Final Thoughts

Now that you understand the history behind toilets being raised off the ground, you can see why it’s still a common practice today. While some newer homes flush toilets with the floor, most homes still have them raised on a platform.

We’ve discussed some reasons for this, but the main one is that it’s more hygienic. If you’re considering having such a toilet installed in your home, keep these things in mind to ensure it’s appropriate for you.

We hope this article has helped to clear up any confusion you may have had about why your toilet is on a raised platform. If you have any further questions, we encourage you to speak with a qualified plumber or contractor. Thanks for reading.

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