How to Remove Gas Meter Lock Without Damaging It

How to Remove Gas Meter Lock Without Damaging It?

Last Updated on February 3, 2022

There may come a time when you need to remove the gas meter lock for whatever reason. Maybe you’re moving and need to turn off the gas, or perhaps there’s been a natural disaster, and you need to get access to the gas line.

Whatever the reason, it’s essential that you know how to do it safely and without damaging the meter. In this article, we’ll show you how.

What Is a Gas Meter Lock?

What Is a Gas Meter Lock

A gas meter lock is a tool that utility companies use to seal the gas meter so that only service members with the key can open it. The lock prevents people from turning off or otherwise tampering with the utility, so many are tempted to remove the waves themselves.

However, this isn’t always safe and could cause damage, resulting in even more problems. So, removing the gas meter lock yourself isn’t recommended unless there’s no other choice.

What Tools You’ll Need?

It will be necessary to use some tools to remove the gas meter lock. Here are the tools you’ll need for the job:

  • Ratchet and socket set
  • Mortar chisel
  • Small hammer
  • Pliers, adjustable wrench
  • Philips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver

Steps on How to Remove Gas Meter Lock Without Breaking It?

Steps on How to Remove Gas Meter Lock Without Breaking It

Here are the steps you need to follow when removing a gas meter lock:

1. Lift The Meter Cover

This will be on the front of the gas meter, on top of it. Almost all meters have screws holding them in place, so use a flathead screwdriver to remove these screws and lift the cover off.

2. Expose the Gas Meter Itself

After you’ve removed the meter’s cover, you’ll see the gas meter inside. It may be sticking up slightly, so you’ll need to lift it out of its housing just enough that it can be turned.

3. Use the Wire Hanger or Coat Hanger

Use your wire hanger or a coat hanger, make sure it’s straightened completely, and push the end through one of the tiny holes on the dial that shows how much gas you’ve used.

4. Grab the End of the Wire with Pliers

Use your pliers to grab the end of it that’s sticking out through one of the holes in the meter. The gas meter lock is connected to this dial, so when you turn it, you’ll be able to unlock and remove the gas meter lock.

5. Unlock The Gas Meter Lock

Turn the wire clockwise to unlock the gas meter lock using your ratchet and socket set.

6. Turn Off the Gas

Please turn off the gas as usual and return the meter cover to its original location when you’re done. If you have a regular lid instead of a screw-on one, nudge it back into place so that it fits snugly on top of the meter.

7. Remove the Gas Meter Lock

Once you’ve turned it far enough, the gas meter lock should pop out. By pushing it into the hole you used to access it, you can quickly remove it. Then, your gas is free to turn off!

8. Replace the Meter Cover

Once you’re done, replace the meter’s cover, tighten its screws and return the meter to its original location.

That’s how to remove the gas meter lock without damaging it.

Why Do You Need to Remove the Gas Meter Lock?

Why Do You Need to Remove the Gas Meter Lock

There are several reasons why you need to remove the gas meter lock. Here are some of the most common reasons people want to remove a gas meter lock.

  • You are moving, and you no longer need the gas.
  • There was a natural disaster, and you need access to turn off the gas line.
  • The previous owners left the house with their estate still connected to your account, so you decided to close the account.
  • You no longer use the gas, and you want to save money by not having it hooked up to your house.
  • The meter is broken, and you need access to fix it.

What Should People Do If They Break Their Gas Meter Lock?

If you break your gas meter lock, call the gas company immediately. Please do not attempt to open the meter yourself. They will most likely send someone out to fix it. If you are looking for a way to remove your meter lock without a key, then contact a locksmith and have them take care of it for you.

Another option is that people can call an emergency plumber. It is not recommended that people do this on their own as gas and water mix, creating combustible fumes that can be dangerous. Gas has to be shut off before water is used in case any of that mix.

How Should You Choose a Gas Meter Lock?

You need to consider some factors before choosing a lock for your gas meter. Here are some of the things you should think about:

The Size

You need to measure the size of your current meter lock so that you can buy a new one. Most locks are universal, but you will find this by measuring if they are not. 

You may want to double-check at the location where you are buying the new lock, just in case.

The Type

There are different types of locks for gas meters. Some will have a key, and some will not. Some require two people to lock/unlock them, and there are ones that you can use yourself with your hands.

The kind you choose depends on several factors, such as whether or not someone else needs access, the number of people that need access, and how much maintenance you want to do yourself.

The Manufacturer

Gas companies give out locks to their customers, but they can get damaged or break after a while. They can also lose them or change the number of people who have access to it.

When this happens, the gas company provides a replacement lock. These locks are not the best quality, though, so look at your options with other companies or manufacturers to ensure you have a good safety that will last you for a long time.

The Cost

The Cost

Gas meter locks can range from very cheap to very expensive depending on size, type, and manufacturer. Generally speaking, a simple lock that does not require a key will be more affordable than one that does. 

You can also find locks on Amazon, and you might get a better deal there as prices vary from site to site.

The Key

Key locks come in two types: one that requires a separate key and one that does not. The ones that do not require a different key are usually the cheaper option, but there is no additional cost if you lose your key or if someone steals it.

The locks that use their keys will eventually need to be replaced by the gas company.


There are several reasons why you might want to remove your gas meter lock. Whether you’re moving, the previous owner left their estate connected to your account, or the meter is broken, we’ve provided some tips on what you can do. 

Always remember to call the gas company if you break your lock. They will send someone out to fix it for you. And finally, before making any decisions, take into consideration the size, type, and manufacturer of the lock as well as the key.

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